Festival Aims

Which aims should the festival pursue?  In addition to the fundamental demands above some other accessory demands should be added. In an attempt to list them all together we suggest a scheme. The festival proposes:

To delve into theoretic debate on the deep cultural changes which confound the post-modern society, Italian in particular, encouraging the awakening to the questions raised by the recent migratory influxes.

To create an ideal “place”, a physical and virtual place with an a-political, impartial, multidisciplinary character.

To encourage communication and dialogue among people belonging to different cultures, beliefs, religions, confessions in order to not restrict oneself to the language of the other only, but rather to prepare activities which promote the discovery of background.

To develop reciprocal attention promoting the discovery and re-discovery of  alterity.

To agree to open, honest, constructive discussion without hypocrisy, so that the divergences may be met peacefully.

To contribute to the training of the leaders, called to highlight equality in political actions, without stereotypes, prejudices, put-downs, or lack of information. Thus, the Festival promotes the clarification of knowledge considered, often incorrectly acquired and the comparison between cultural and religious systems by promoting the editing of essays and works published on the topic.

To act as an “example” of cultural self-representation of people, groups and subgroups (ethnic, cultural, religious…) often hetero-selected groups, who promote listening to and recording of direct and “different” evidences,  not mediated by politics and the classical instruments of communication.

To promote interpersonal relationships through the direct meeting of people who have often been concealed behind cultural paradigm stereotypes. This target is connected to the serious intention of offering real occasions of sharing, in which by mutual consent, expectations, fears, and difficulties are discussed.

To support educators engaged in cultural integration with projects available to the school world. This target  lies at the base of the many formative projects of the Festival, aimed at the skill training for the use of different ways and means of communication.

To construct and provide a tool (to be set up and improved) capable of promoting dialogue.

To produce, to sustain and to publicise possible different paths of dialogue in case of conflicts.