Some results

In these little but intense years of activity what results has the festival of Cultures achieved? Even though the path seems long and full of obstacles, and even though the welfare effects are barely quantifiable, the festival has shown much potential and has obtained a diffuse credibility and has been recognised for its merits:
Firstly the festival has reinforced a basic principle, useful for social and administrative politics but also for theoretical and academic research, that the basic problem on which to work is that of diversity. Various participants in the Festival have shown  that it cannot be useful for the dialogue in a peaceful perspective to “entrench” themselves in the differences, nor to debase them. These differences should not allow men to grow apart but on the contrary help them to improve not only from the genetic point of view.
 The path undertaken of simplicity and sincere respect of “fundaments” has been shared and highly regarded, especially in the area of the events regarding the inter-religious dialogue. A common agreement has been demonstrated towards the principle “Diversity both on values and cultural identities but not on rights and dignities”. The respect of alterity, it has been recalled to us from all the places and in many occasions, it does not mean the cancellation of personal and collective identities of he who identifies himself with certain principles, a certain faith, or certain religious experiences.
The Festival has been acclaimed for having organised a complex net between universities, the world of research, public and private institutions, world association, and religious communities.
The Festival has achieved the target of including in an active and democratic way different segments of the Italian and foreigner population, including immigrants in its projects in search of a deep relationship with the Italians. The numerous events organised proved how inclusion can be efficient
 During the activities the organisers have had the chance to focus and to test directly the obstacles in the dialogue (for instance the persistence of prejudices, the lack of preparation of the management staff trainers, the reciprocal request).  Experience has taught us both how difficulties shouldn’t be understated while strategies must be aimed and adapted in relation to its target.
 Encouraging results have been obtained in the area of educational projects aimed to increase the predisposition of listening and to enhance the ability to relate to one another. Particularly gratifying are the results obtained in the school world involved in various inter-cultural projects.  The school has accepted with enthusiasm the offered paths, showing a praiseworthy attitude by the teachers and an innate predisposition by the new generations towards alterity.
 Reassuring answers of active participation have reached the conferences or seminars ambits where among the experts or Professors, less expected minorities as groups of women, housewives, and the unemployed have joined in and have offered for the community of academics and experts disposal, emotions, doubts and mental reservations which anchor the discussion in reality.
The performances and concerts in the Festival programs have always gained widespread success reinforcing that the expressive forms are a powerful cultural mediator, able to lighten the burden of a cultural modifier situation often perceivable as awkward and irritating.
The most appreciated recognition from the organising committee is that of having created the chance to serenely smooth the way to both the debate and the interpersonal relation, putting on the same table, in front of the same expository panel, under the same roof, people that hardly would have sought or found an opportunity of meeting. The Festival experience has demonstrated how essential it is make possible a balanced meeting, in which there is a deep relation with someone, without the fear of noticing the differences and our own limits but on the contrary learn to see the beauty that lies in every man, and learn to value the “gift” of alterity.  The festival with its own approach super-partes (impartial) has helped to overcome the frame of thoughts, expectations, and stereotypes. Although only partially it has obtained one of its targets: to unveil the beauty and uniqueness hidden in every man. It’s a real task, not impossible. The only way is to be embraced with enthusiasm and a wish to give, not only to receive.