Why the Festival?

In spite of  the variety of efforts put forth from the bottom upwards and vice versa, there are still many dead-end situations in the form of the repeated expression of stereotypes and prejudices, the evident manifestation or hidden expression of xenophobic behaviours. There is also the presence of auto exclusion, a-social reaction, and dangerous violence that undermine dialogue as well as the already precarious social and economic equilibrium.
In such context , deeply conscious that we are facing a long and disjointed process, with unavoidable stumbling blocks and reversals of direction, The National Culture Festival fits into the cultural debate going on, placing itself as an additional but not exhaustive answer to the demand of shedding light on the subject.
The Festival is first of all born for giving virtual and concrete place, with an a-political, impartial, multidisciplinary character. We have said born but also grows with “democratic” contributions, as an instrument to be set up and be perfected in opera,capable to register social change without hypocrisy, permitting a serene discussion of the divergences, rendering more flexible and open the visions of the world and the compared generations, with deep respect for individual and collective identities and values.
Four editions the Festival prove a basic tenet: “ communication is (never) bad” and reciprocal knowledge is fundamental in order to decide consciously what answers to give to the deep questioning of the post-modern society.